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Bless him. Ming Campbell has clearly been getting forgetful in his old age. His official website claims that, with regards to a televised debate during the General Election, "David Cameron is a Johnny-come-lately on this issue." Further, he says that "I wrote to both David Cameron and Gordon Brown challenging them to a TV debate in June this year."

I'm afraid David Cameron is not a "jolly come lately", Sir Menzies. That label would apply to you. Before he (and long before you) became a political party leader, David Cameron called for a debate between Prime Minister and Opposition Leader(s). On the BBC Question Time Conservative Leadership Debate on November 3rd, David Cameron explicitly said, "I think it's great that the BBC is hosting the debate, and I hope it's the precursor between whichever one of us wins and the leader of the Labour Party, whoever that is, at the time of the next General Election, live on British television."

So there.

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