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First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond is expected to announce that the Scottish Executive is to be rebranded the Scottish Government today. According to the BBC, the new title shall be used on all "documents, letters and publicity material, as well as on signs outside government buildings."

Gosh he's a slimy little pufferfish, isn't he? The SNP's tactics are so obvious it's cringeable, though they'll probably succeed. If they can make the people comfortable enough with the term 'Scottish Government', they can hopefully make them more accepting of the idea of a Scottish Government - and won't dear old Alex just love being the first Prime Minister of the European State of Scotland?

In addition, "a saltire will replace the Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom on the Scottish government's official documents." In total the rebranding exercise will cost £100,000.

The most worrying thing to come of this, though, is the apparent fact that (according to the First Minister), "The overwhelming majority of people had no idea what the term 'executive' meant." Am I the only one who considers that a horrific indictment of the Scottish education system?

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Published by The Culture Warrior on 2 Sep 2007 at 04:58. 2 Comments

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  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I must admit I'm slightly confused over the phrase "UK Coat of Arms"-there actually is a specific Royal Scottish Coat of Arms with the Lion Rampant in the first and fourth quarters as opposed to the English version in where the Lion Rampant is only in the second quarter with the three leopards of Normandy in the first and fourth quarters. So what would be wrong with the Scottish Executive/Government/call it what you will using the proper Royal Scottish coat of arms apart from 'Salmond catering to his many republican colleagues in the SNP  

  2. # Blogger The Culture Warrior

    You've probably got it right there when you say it's about the republican faction of the SNP (who probably view the monarchy as yet another English imposition when we all know James VI was Scottish...)  

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