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Well, the Diana Tenth Anniversary Memorial Service Celebration Disco Thing happened today. As usual, the media have been fretting over it, using their favourite Diana catchphrase - 'an unprecedented outpouring of grief'. Oh yawn. Please. Two young boys lost their mother, and that is a tragedy. But that's where it ends. She did a lot of charity work, well done to her - that is something we should respect. But all this rubbish about Saint Diana (a serious request by Diana wall-plate collecting weirdos at one point) really is so much easier now that she's gone, isn't it?

Everyone looks back and sings her praises, oh she was so wonderful, oh what an angel. Nonsense. She was a human being and was flawed like all of us. She had her fair share of problems (none of which, by the way, were any of our business), but she was no bloody saint. All this ruthless ganging up on Camilla, with people contending all sorts of stupid theories such as 'if it weren't for Camilla she'd still be alive today' (which actually, when you cease laughing at its nonsense and seriously stop and think about it, is a disgusting slur) is just wrong. Am I missing something here, or did Diana not have a number of affairs whilst Charles had only the one? Perhaps he should have gone on TV and done a bit of doe-eyed crying.

The oft discussed outpouring of grief was all that was wrong with our celebrity culture. It didn't mark the beginning of it, but it was its greatest demonstration. Thousands of wonderful people do wonderful charity work every single day and, with respect, they don't get to drive off to a palace at the end of it. Our insatiable desire for information about her is what led to her death, and it's a disgrace that, despite it, celebrity is still running wild.

I'm sure she was a lovely woman, and I'm sure she touched a lot of people's hearts. But the reaction at the time was over the top and, in retrospect, embarrassing. It's been ten years now. It's time we stopped bashing her name, stopped making her out to be something she wasn't, and moved on.

Yes, I'm looking at you Daily Express.

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